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TAK Communications, Inc. is a full-service underground construction company providing installation services in electric and telecommunication distribution. We continually monitor changes in P.U.C. rules in order to serve you better and keep pace with changes in the industry.


Our crews are trained in all safety regulations, certified for all installation requirements, and our equipment fleet is broad-based to meet most installation needs.

Underground Construction and Aerial

Customers Include

  • Telecommunications providers

  • Public and private enterprises

  • Commercial and residential developers

  • MDU, Commercial, Hospitality

Learn About the Construction Process

At each construction site, prior to digging we make contact with the customer to ensure they are aware of the process. We mark the proposed route with white paint in order to increase customer awareness and assist the utility locators.


During the installation, we are very proactive on any customer-owned utilities such as the power to unattached buildings, sprinkler systems, landscapes, gardens, and more. All utility crossings are pot holed and the dirt is placed on a tarp to ensure minimal clean up. Customer property and restoration are at the top of our operator's mind. Every measure will be taken to restore the customer premise.


Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by doing quality work that we are proud to stand behind. We accomplish this by having quality standards, properly trained employees, and a quality control program spot checking a certain percentage of completed work.


Our employees and the general public’s safety is our number one objective. Our safety program was designed in connection with a self-requested OSHA consultation in order to meet our safety objectives.

Other Services

  • Plant extensions

  • New builds

  • Overbuilds

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  • Aerial & Underground

  • Directional Drilling

  • Fiber Splicing

  • RF Splicing

  • Node Splits

  • Sweep & Activation

  • Post & Rewire (MDU, Commercial, Hospitality)

  • Drop Bury


Take advantage of our services in 8 different states.