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Whatever it TAKes!


TAK Communications, Inc. offers operators a wide variety of sales options, all meant to maximize incremental revenues and penetration levels. When we are at the house our goal is to move customers into a triple play by adding, upgrading, or obtaining new subs.


Our sales team knows how to work with customers in order to reach our providers' goals all while maintaining long-lasting, low-churn customers.

Direct Sales

Full Market Sweep

Our highly trained sales associates will attempt to talk to all homes passed and perform a full market sweep. We maximize our production levels by knocking on every door, attempting to sell RGUs (revenue generating units) to existing customers and non-customers.


Further, we will attempt to sell non-RGUs to homes that are trying to get more value with their bundled products, like selling and upgrading additional outlets or even HD converter boxes. Statistics prove customers that see the highest level of value are less likely to

change providers.

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Audit Sales

Do you suspect that you have unauthorized users of your service? We have had great success with adding a visual or tap audit to our sweeps or even as a standalone service offering.


Our approach to the consumer is very unique and our conversion percentage to paying customers is extremely high. We go the extra mile to ensure unauthorized viewers are at a proper service level to maintain longevity and satisfaction.


Our teams know what it takes to switch non-subs to your side of the fence. Our sales strategy is one that doesn’t point out the flaws of competitors, but rather works with a needs assessment review along with benefits of our clients. It is TAK’s philosophy to never bash the competitor, but to always take the high road.

MDU Channel Management

Many operators believe that once an MDU (Multiple Dwelling Unit) is built, the higher churn customer will naturally migrate to their services.


With the fierce competition that exists today, we believe this not to be true. We can help with all aspects of MDUs to ensure you are getting the penetration levels needed to hit your system goals.


With our sales and installation divisions working together, we can generate instant customers when the thought of even moving in takes place. Property management relationship will flurry, keeping you “top of mind” with all tenants.

Alternate Sales Channel Support

If you want representation for special events, back to school programs, or retail opportunities, we can help. With our vast experience of channel support, we can assist you with strategic planning and channel execution.

Great customer experience is our specialty.

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