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Structured Cabling

As a company, we pride ourselves in bringing your network to life with the design and reliability to meet today’s demands. We know that your infrastructure has to efficiently support the latest technologies.


We understand that it is critical in today’s world to know that your cabling and network are not going to fail and we take every step to ensure just that!


We specialize in the design and installation of voice, data, and wireless applications for both new builds and upgrades of existing sites.


TAK Communications, Inc. is known for its qualified technicians, superior customer service, reliability and competency to execute on a large scale, and overall ability to be flexible and work around the consumers' schedules.


At each and every project we take the time to accommodate the customer and work around their very busy schedule so we don’t interrupt operations. When working in customer service venues, we are prepared to work on the network during non-peak times to ensure minimum downtime for your consumers.


All projects are completed to our high standard, including the highest quality work obtainable. The entire network will be qualified and tested after completion to verify the integrity and to ensure that we have met all company and customer expectations.


We provide a network schematic to assist with any future issues or expansions. We also provide the customer with all test results which provides a higher level of comfort and customer satisfaction.


At the end of every project, we complete a walk through and educate the customer on the location of all equipment and all other aspects of the assignment.


We provide a service that ensures customer satisfaction long after the installation is complete. Proper wiring placement and routing during all phases of the installation is something we take great satisfaction in providing to our customers.

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