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We take great pride on the many testimonials and compliments we receive from our clients, consumers and our employees. The greatest recognition is to hear what others have to say about you.

Testimonials & Reviews

Client Testimonials

"We've used TAK Communications, Inc. for a long time and find their installers and door-to-door sales representatives have always been well trained and very conscientious about leaving a good impression with our customers. In addition, the TAK work-force is closely managed and held accountable to our standards. Our relationship with TAK has been very positive and we look forward to continuing the relationship into the future".

President & CEO - Midcontinent Communications


"Over the past 3 years working with TAK, I have developed a true respect for your operation; I have been in this business for 31 years and have seen many contract companies and feel comfortable in saying, TAK communications has stepped up many times when we were short staffed no matter where they are needed, I cannot tell how much we appreciate the effort, I would recommend TAK Communications to anyone in need of professional broadband technicians, I can tell your techs respect the operation, their appearance, the vehicles, mannerism and the quality of the work shows the customers that they will have a positive experience when they are installed or getting their services repaired. Thank you for all you do for us."

Technical Operations Supervisor - Charter Communications


"We had originally partnered with TAK Communications, Inc. to assist with regional Broadband installations in the Midwest. However, their diverse skill sets and consummate professionalism have led us to not only raise their status in Broadband to that of a National Installation Partner, but also to expand their role into Media installations. We now regularly engage TAK teams for some of our most high-profile and complex installations around the country."

Vice President - Installation and Client Services - LodgeNet Interactive Corporation

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Employee Testimonials

"I've been with TAK for almost 5 years now, and they've given me many reasons to stick around.  TAK is a growing company with many advancement opportunities.  Each year that I've seen them grow. I've seen them continue to give back to their employees more and more. Better benefits, better tools, bonuses etc. It is clear that they care about their workers.

TAK also uses a pay scale that basically lets you decide your own paycheck. The more work you are willing to do, the more money you will make.

The best part about working for TAK is the trust and the freedom.  Most days I can go straight to my job from my house without the need to check in with supervisors or drive to the shop. As long as you do your job well and efficiently, there's never anybody watching over your shoulder or breathing down your neck. There is just an established level of trust that you will continue to produce high-quality work."  Forrest F - Technician - Denver Market


"TAK has a very productive environment! My manager, Jay, was great! TAK has great training and you can actually move up in your career. I like having my own work vehicle as well. Great place to work!"  Dijuan H - Technician - Denver Market


"I've been with TAK Communications for over a year now. I had a friend that worked here and really enjoyed it so I gave it a try.  I was impressed with the turnaround time in the hiring process. They interviewed me and got me onboard right away!  I get to learn great skills that transfer and that I can use anywhere I go. There is freedom and the ability to move up in this company!"  Evan F - Technician

Customer Testimonials

Although I know him only as technician 44, he is #1 for our family.

I recently had a service call to finish a remodel project in my home to reestablish TV coverage in our family room downstairs. I just wanted to reach out to say thank you. The technician that came to my home was so aware and considerate of my needs that I would say he exceeds the high level of service we all want to expect and rarely receive. Not only did he resolve the existing issues for our TV service he also discovered an averted potential future issues external to our home where squirrels were causing damage to the lines on the telephone pole at the edge of my property. There is no way of knowing if his service on the pole or the internal wiring was a solution to our intermittent internet coverage, but in the past week of using the internet our service has not dropped once. Other service agents were unable to resolve the intermittent problem and always just placed blame on possible high volumes of use in the area. It is very reassuring you have secured such a valueadded team member to your technical staff. Kudos to your technician and thank you for a job well done. Although I know him only as technician 44, he is #1 for our family. Please pass on our appreciation and gratitude.


I love my HD

“I recently bought a HD television. When I tried to hook it up, the reception was terrible. I’m glad that you offered to bring out a service tech to investigate the problem. The next day, Jeremy showed up and fixed the problem very quickly and efficiently. He was courteous and very knowledgeable. You are lucky to have him represent your company.”


Nice Job on Install

“Cynthia and her husband want to make sure the tech knows that he did a job well done and they are very pleased with the service they received. They want to give a great “compliment” and Kudos to tech 0051. Thank You!!!”


I Really Like Taking Those Calls

“Mrs. Lloyd called in and wanted to give a complement to tech 0506. She said he did a wonderful job and was extremely helpful. She said he was very professional, courteous and great asset to the team.”


I appreciate the patience

“Lamar got a huge compliment for an excellent job he did. The customer was very happy that he was sent. Lamar was very kind and patient and answered all his questions. He went above and beyond to make sure everything was working before he left.”


Top Notch

“Customer call and said that James, Tech # 2657 was top notch and very professional and we should hire more techs like him!”


Please Forward to Supervisor

“Loretta the customer called in to let us know that tech #2699 did a great job. He was very polite. Customer wants to make sure we forward this info to his Supervisor.”


Thanks Doug!

“I have been a customer for about a year. I just signed up for a promotional trio package that seemed to fit our needs very well and finally allowed us to get rid of dish. The representative came to our house the other night to present the information to us. I just wanted to comment on his visit and my experience. He came to the house and was very polite and professional. He was not pushy at all and very knowledgeable about the products. He was very upfront about "all" of the fees that would be included on the billing price per month. When we did agree to go with the package he again made sure that I understood that the billing and promotional pricing. I was so impressed with the quick response and the way he presented the package. I just wanted to give him the credit he deserves for the outstanding job he did. I could tell that he believes in what he is doing and enjoys his job. Customer service was his number one objective all along. I am thoroughly impressed with your company and the representative did a great job helping us out and I will definitely pass his name and your company name on to others. Finally a cable company in town that cares about customer service and satisfaction. Keep up the great work.”


Thanks For Fixing The Problem

“A customer took the time to come into our office and say thank you to the TAK Communications technician that came to his house. He felt that he did a very thorough job (he was an elderly gentleman and pretty slow moving so that I feel says a lot!). He had had other techs out before and said that none of them have ever been this thorough and he really appreciated it. The TAK tech was the tech that went out and found 4 issues with his service that he felt was causing all of the problems. He wanted to commend Mike's supervisor for a having a great tech!”


Your staff deserves a word of praise

"I am writing this to personally recognize two people from your company who deserve a word of praise. Last week, Jeff knocked on our door to see if we were happy with our existing cable provider. We were not totally disenchanted with our current provider, but were paying a lot of money for our monthly charge. Jeff reviewed our circumstance, told us what he had to offer, answered all of our questions and concerns—and we switched! Jeff is, I believe, not part of your sales team, but I am telling you that man could sell a moose a hat rack! He was delightful. He was knowledgeable, respectful and not the least bit pushy. He could and should be teaching classes on how to make the sale. Please acknowledge him for the job he is doing. He said he likes being on the management team, but with his personality and charisma, he should be in charge of sales!


Then today your installer, Justin, came and did an excellent job on a difficult install. He had to crawl under our deck twice and the temperature outside is a chilling 4 degrees. Everything about the installation was complicated, but he did it in a most professional way.


Please recognize both of these gentlemen for an outstanding job. We are so impressed and happy to be a customer!"

david and john