Kevin Sanchez

Human Resource Director

With over 28 years of leadership, growth management and business experience, Kevin Sanchez brings a leading edge professionalism in building TAK’s organization. His innovative, disciplined and organized approach to leading TAK’s Human Resource Team guides the company’s 2,000+ team members. Kevin joined TAK in 2017 because of the energy, mission and the fact that the company truly hires based on each individual’s talent and skill set. Kevin enjoys helping people find where they will flourish within the company.


Kevin’s passion is in mentoring, coaching and leading others. But when not participating in those roles, he spends his free time enjoying the outdoors by cycling the trails of Sioux Falls or golfing. He also enjoys taking in a leadership event, relaxing with his wife, watching TV and reading. To sum it up, Kevin is at his best when he is helping others and enjoying the simple things in life.